AIO Backlink Checker, Index Checker, Rank Tracker & Indexer


AIO Backlink Checker, Index Checker, Rank Tracker & Indexer

R.A.W. SEO Helper Tool - FREE Tool.

Backlink Checker, Link Checker and Scraper as well as Keyword Rank Tracker & Checker

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Here is an earlier post I made on how to check if your sites are indexed in Google - a real pain and never 100% accurate

What the Tool Does. (all the boring pain in the butt things we as SEO's do ALL the time ALL Day long.)

  • Rank Tracker - Track and Check unlimited KW's and Domains (for beta release adopter only)
  • Back-link Checker - Checks if back-links are live on your URL's.
  • Index Checker - Checks if URL's are indexed in Google
  • Authority Link Scraper - Scrapes Google for related links for SEO campaigns
  • Indexer - Coming soon - Send all back-links straight to your favorite indexing service to help boost your backlinks and increase SEO ranking.

After the beta release the rank tracker will be limited to 10 KW's per project but all beta users will be grandfathered in and given full access to the rank tracker t track unlimited KW's and URL's.

The premium version will come with a stand alone rank tracker application you can install on a second and third computer or on your server and can run then simultaneously without interruption constantly monitoring your rankings for all your domains and and KW's. (video coming soon of that)

Here is the video I made earlier on of the tool

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