How To Quickly Check Your Sites Are Indexed

BIG UPDATE – THIS POST IS NOW IRRELEVANT  PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE UPDATED FASTER AND EASIER WAY TO DO THIS AND MORE!! How To Quickly Check If Your PBN is Indexed (or De-indexed) in Google I know it’s not the sexiest of subjects but if you have more than a handful of sites in […]

To SSL or Not To SSL

That’s a question you may find yourself asking if you run a website and rely on SEO for traffic Google recently added another ranking signal to it’s algorithm and it comes in the form of security – and a double edged sword (you’ll see why at the end) In real Google-esque style and following their […]

How Google Hummingbird Changed the Future of Search

This image has nothing to do with Google Hummingbird. Still, hummingbirds are pretty cool. In September of last year, when Google Hummingbird was officially announced, Matt Cutts said that it would affect 90% of all searches, albeit in a subtle way. Considering that Google handles more than 3.5