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Hi, My name is Simon Dadia. I have been an internet marketer for about 15 years and specialising in SEO (search engine marketing) for the past 5 and this is the first time I am ever writing about any of my on line success publicly. I am doing this because  I have come to understand one thing better than anything else. If you give you get. I have a firm belief that if i can give just one of you the ability to make more money on line then this whole blog is worth it and I have helped do my part in making a difference. As small as it may seem. One at a time.

I don’t expect you to come and read my blog and go out and start making money immediately (even though that is possible for some of you) procrastination is deeply ingrained in us all.  I just hope you to just listen to what I have to say for now, wait till you get that aha moment – that will happen a lot around here and go and put into action what you learned.

The main topics I’ll be discussing on this site are how to get to page one of Google – and stay there, and, once your there how to make sure your site is converting sales as it should.

Ill be showing you rankings I have live, the exact methods I use to get there and stay there as well as making sure your targeting the right KW’s to rank for.

Although there are many paid methods to get you to page one like PPC and other paid traffic sources there really is nothing like getting to page one beating out the other sites and sitting back reaping the rewards while everyone else is paying for clicks. I’m not to saying not supplement your SEO with paid methods – we’ll get into that later and there are many ways to do that while bolstering your site presence on page one.

Having said that I want to end this short intro  and welcome  you into my on line world and hope you take away at least one way you can start multiplying your income on line.

And I leave you with a word from our sponsor (satire – Google is definitely not our sponsor!)