5 Best Practices To Build Your Personal Brand Online


5 Best Practices To Build Your Personal Brand Online

Personal branding is crucial for you if you are a consultant, attorney, financial advisor, public speaker, corporate trainer, personal fitness trainer, writer, movie director, yoga guru or anyone that offers some kind of training, production assistance or consultation services and anyone that likes to be a leader. Personal branding is also important if you are looking for high profile jobs. Besides that, even CEOs and top management people need to work on personal branding. Why is online personal branding significant these days? Building powerful personal brand increases your opportunities and helps you improve your success rate.

The internet is one of the most powerful communication platforms today. Everything from million dollar business activities to personal entertainment activities have come online. In other words, people spend increasingly more time online every day. When consumers need to find a product or service the first place they go is the internet. Not only that, before hiring a product or service, they go online to review their service providers and the brands that they are planning to use. The same applies when it comes to selecting their personal trainers as well. These trends are supported and encouraged by fast growing internet technologies and modern internet enabled devices. Personal branding is inevitable for you to be successful in your industry. We have for you five best personal branding practices that will help in successfully promote your personal brand.

#1 Social Media Branding

Today social media has indeed become the backbone of personal branding. Yes, people want to see how social media savvy you are. If you are not found in the social media, you are considered outdated. You cannot afford to take such big risks; there is no other go but to build your brand in social media sites. The benefits of social media personal branding has far reaching benefits than you can possibly conceive.

#2 Create The Best Possible LinkedIn Profile

Though LinkedIn branding will be part of your social media branding efforts, this professional networking platform deserves special attention. Millions of top profiles are hosted in LinkedIn. You will need to create a professional profile in this platform to increase your visibility. Make sure to add a professional image of yourself. No cool pictures, remember that it is a professional networking site. No matter how cool you think you are you better stay away from those cool pictures in linked in.

#3 Make an in-depth research on your target audience. You will need to have a complete understanding of those you are targeting. You need to learn about their preferences, fears, anxieties, frustrations, strengths, weaknesses and everything else so that your services can become relevant to them. Never build your personal branding efforts on presumptions because if you do, you will be shooting in the dark. If something gets hit then it would only be an accident and not by design. If you do not want to waste your time and money then better spend time on understanding your target audience.

#4 Become an aggressive blogger. Yes, blogging is one of the key weapons that you have to establish your personal brand. You can become an authority figure in your niche market by making highly professional blogging efforts. Do not market your services in your personal blog. Give something really worthwhile to your customers and they will start noticing you. Personal branding is all about getting noticed and making people come to you rather than you go after them.

#5 Build a website on your name. Yes, when people search for your name, you need a platform where the users can learn all about you. Your social media profiles cannot replace your website. You will have to therefore spend some time in putting together a professional website. You can integrate your blog to the website. Personal website has more value than a LinkedIn or Facebook profile. You will need to give your target audience something more substantial. Creating a website just adds another avenue through which your customers can get to know about you. Moreover, you will also be able to increase your visibility by promoting your website in the social media sites. Ongoing efforts are required for successfully promoting your personal brand online.

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