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Cloud PBN: The Review & Do You Need It?


Cloud PBN: The Review & Do You Need It?

Cloud PBN is a new blog network management software

It has the ability to help you manage your private blog network and can be easily sed to delpoy link campaigns.

But do you need Cloud PBN?

Let em explain quickly what this software does and you can be the judge of whether or not you need this software in your SEO arsenal.

Do you need a PBN to rank? YES absolutely you can not rank today without controlling your own private blog network. the software stream lines the way you manage your blogs and helps keep them up to date, manage comments, make posts and pages a pretty much everything else ou need to maintain your blog network.

What sets this apart from a lot of other blog management tools is the link management campaigns that allows you to set up campaigns and will post to your network on a pre-set schedule.

Im still not sure I will be recommending this to my list as of now I haven’t had a chance to give it a test drive and really dig into it, but on the surface and from what I have seen so far this may be a great way to manage your PBN.

Here is video explaining how cloud pbn works.

Weblify advanced silo software  has some similar hidden features like PBN deployment with pre-set plugins and pages so until I have had a real chance to dig around Cloud PBN I’m not yet ready to recommend it.


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