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How To Buy An Expired Domain With The Right Metrics


How To Buy An Expired Domain With The Right Metrics

Moz & Majestic SEO Are Defnitly Not Perfect

The case study in the video shows how you can not take the metrics returned by either SEO MOZ opensite explorer or Magestic SEO at face value.

Never Just Rely On The Metrics When Buying a Aged or Expired Domain.

You Need to digg into the backlinks of a site to really understand exaclty what makes a site rank.

Here’s the video I made of how to check and see if you have a domian that will rank or tank your site.

Im not going to go into too much detail here I want you to watch the video it covers a lot – and if I missed something or your still unsure of something pelase just comment below.

A decent expired domain finder and a great way how to find expred domains is either or – they are both free to search and use to find good expired domains – if you want to go with a service that is paid and has more search functionality and access to many more domains check out





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