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Local SEO Services: Explode Your Online Exposure With the Right Search Marketing Strategies


Dominating page one for your local search terms will multiply your traffic equalling more leads and more money.

What Is Local SEO & How Can It Make you Money?

Local SEO means optimising your website and Google profiles to to take a local spot as well as getting your website, and various social profiles ranking on page one for your chosen KW’s.

How do we do this?

Build a brand. The days of exact match domains are over – well almost but we like to stay ahead of the curve so for all intents and purposes we will get into later, lets just say for now stay away from emd’s and start thinking like a business and not an SEO.

If your a local business or you do SEO for local businesses you must focus on building a strong brand using high profile local citation companies, social media sites like Twitter, Google plus and Facebook. Facebook is the most important and can really help build brand awareness and exposure – which all leads to Google rankings. Google want to see an active brand, they monitor social networks and count backlinks from these platforms more like citations and brand signals as opposed to backlinks. So the more active you are on these platforms, the more your site is mentioned on them the more “kudos” your brand will get in the eyes of the web – including search engines.

This alone will not rank your site in Google. You need to push out amazing content – content good enough that people want to share it and take notice of it. Remember, social media is about is branding. The more you build your brand and following the stronger your brnd will become and this will lead to more traffic from these site, which builds authority in itself, Google notices when your getting traffik from other sites and if thos sites are authoritative like FB, Twitter, Google plus, WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and other high PR and authority sites Google takes notice and it helps tremendously getting your sites ranked.

The thing you should be focusing on the most is using the social media platforms for what they are – to promote your brand and drive traffic to your site, how do you use them to promote your brand and gain SEO benefits as well? Share great content, create PDF’s, PPT presentations.

Doing Effective Local SEO Can Bring A Boatload Of Leads To Your Business

Local SEO isnt much different from normal search engine optimisation the main difference is the heavy focus on getting high quality positive local citations from sites like yellow pages, yelp, and other local authority directories. Its googd to promote your local listings on your FB page and ask happy customers to leave a positive review if they have a few minutes. This has proven to help especially when you link your google buisness lisitng to your businesses local listings.

On page structure for local SEO is the same as always

Silo out the different counties you cover and make sure not to have duplicate page titles and URL’s take this site as an example http://septicgunk.com/ and then this page http://septicgunk.com/rockland-county/and then this town http://septicgunk.com/rockland-county/monsey/ and if you look at the other pages it follows the same format. It uses Rockland county at the base URL for the silo and then child pages for the towns this way you never have a duplicate URL structure over and kind of over optimisation.

i know it can be a bit confusing trying to understand what I’m talking about so I made a quick video over here about how this structure works and you can see how effective it is – remember there is not one backlinks pointing to this site. Not One. (i was tired when I made the video so its a real boring one…)

It may sound like a lot of work and it is if you dont let the web do the heavy lifting for you. There are tools and automation bots that can help make this process a lot faster – weblify helps you build perfectly silo’d sites and can save you a lot of time and effort. Please opt-in to my mailing list to get the full list of tools and sites you simply cant rank without.

If you would like us to take a look at your site you can head over to the contact us page, just give us the details, let us know what KW’s your trying to rank for and we’ll let you know if you should shoot yourself in the head or not!

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