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New York State Local SEO Services


Get Free SEO If you have a local business Online in any New York State City we will rank your site for free!

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Just submit your name, phone number and website via the contact form over here and we will schedule a quick 3 minute phone call to discuss the KW’s we are going to be targeting and the time frames you can expect to see results for these local New York based keywords.

Here is a quick video just showing an example site I ranked for an SEO local lead generation site for a city in up state New York – and has area generated a few leads.

I am in fact using this site as a case study for my personal SEO coaching group. Here is he previous post I did on local seo in general.  The idea is to rank a site for a KW in a market that has a high ticket price tag but isnt over crowded with every man and his dog optimising for it. But you must make sure there are other local business trying to rank for similar terms otherwise there may not be a market for it and you could be wasting your time.

I called a local Septic tank services company, gave them the lead for free.. and will call them back in a bout a week to close them. It will be a guaranteed close if the lead I gave them made the money and if not it will still be a very warm and well received pitch – it will be pretty hard not to get them on board with a monthly retainer after literally giving them a lead for free and showing them you already have real estate on page one for their market. At the very least you can rent them the page for a month or do them a deal for 3 months.

If you don’t have the time to fully understand and learn how to do local business SEO for your local store, head over to our contact us page and take us up on our


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