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Want To Get SEO Visitors From You Local City In Rochester, New York?

If you are a local business the purpose of this page is to show my students how easy it is to rank for certain terms when targeting local businesses (Shameless plugif you want me to have a look at ranking your sites as well please go here). Google has local built into it main search interface and if you utilize it correctly you stand a much better chance of getting more customer to phone or walk through your doors. In fact you should really look at your website as if its you most valuable employee. It will never be late, never need a day off, sick pay, it wont go on holiday and leave you to pick up the slack while someone is away – it’s just their 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

This page is dedicated to Local SEO Servcies in Rochester City, New York.

Your website is the doorway to more customers.

If you live in the Rochester area and have  local businesses the best way to get more customers is by utilizing Google search and focusing on local seo strategies that help build your presence, brand and customer base.

When someone has a problem and they go to Google they are literally looking for exactly what you have and the higher up page one you are the more traffic and customers you will get. Here is an interesting stat to take away the page one, number one spot get between 65% and 80% of ALL the traffic. Thats right in the worst case scenario you will be loosing up to 80% of the potential customes that come searching for your services on Google.

Here are a few tips to start implementing right now to start seeing results.

Utlize Social Media:

  • Twitter – Find local users and keep them up to date with your brand and services.
  • Build a FB Page or group to engage people about your brand.
  • Google Plus is overlooked way to much (same as above pretty much)
  • Blogging sites like wordpress and blogger
  • Local Citations

If you use the above list to start talking about your brand Especially if you live say for example in oh I dunno… Rochester! Rochester New York, if you lived there how many other competing websites for your exact location and business do you think you will have to contend with? I get it less than 5 or 10 at the most, in most cases you have a field ranking if you set up your site correctly and mingle on social networks like Facebook, Youtube, WordPress, Pinterest you’ll be light years ahead of other businesses in your local area.

I put together my TOP 25 places I like to go and talk about my brand that will give you the best boost in the search engines.

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