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Socialite Pro Social Media Training Review


Socialite Pro Social Media Training Review

It’s no doubt the Socialite Pro is one of the most anticipated launches of 2014!

I haven’t seen it yet – just waiting to get my hands on a review copy of this baby and will let you know exactly what to expect from this product.

In the meantime here is what his social media training tool-kit is supposed to do.

An Overview of Socialite Pro:

  • Inventors: Alex Becker, Alex Cass and Luke Maguire
  • Date Launched: September 24, 2009
  • $49-$79 price tag
  • Money-back guarantee: for 60 days
  • Rating for technical support: very good
  • Official landing page:
  • Available Special Bonuses: worth $2,814
  • Delivery time: immediately access after purchase
  • Recommended for all skill levels

Inventor Luke Maguire is an Internet marketing specialist who has a high level of expertise in social promotion and SEO techniques. He currently helms a company called Social Media Mansion, which helps other businesses get set up with strong social presences.

Alex Becker runs a successful blog that also assists other businesses grow their social media followings. His posts detail how to get higher amounts of free traffic from good SEO practices. Alex Cass is another experienced consultant in the field of social media marketing. The three inventors have collaborated in the past on social promotion training courses, and Socialite Pro is their latest such venture.

The Socialite Pro Social Media Training seminar is a complete training course that takes participants step by step through making money from social media accounts. The program has three different pricing levels that give participants more detailed instruction with each level. The training program is entirely web-based, and buyers get immediate access to the members-only area after their payments are processed. The three Socialite Pro levels are as follows:

  • Socialite Pro Status
  • Socialite Pro Elite
  • Socialite Pro Celeb

In the Socialite Pro Status course, participants learn how to pick the most relevant and effective social media channels to use for promoting their businesses. They also learn methods for getting interested visitors to their social pages based on average user interests. The course includes several step-by-step videos that show students how to set up their own profitable profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Course material also covers how to create accounts, upload media and set up basic site layouts.

The Socialite Pro Status course also includes material that shows participants how to drive high amounts of traffic through SEO and how to reach targeted groups of customers. Students learn how to interpret the analytics of each of their social media pages and identify areas for improvement. Participants at this level finally get an introduction to social media management tools that will save them time from week to week.

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The Socialite Pro Elite level teaches participants how to apply different approaches to building high-traffic social profiles. In addition to all of the material covered in the previous level, this one also comes with various case studies that students can use to apply promotional tactics. These include studies for Facebook, Instagram and several other popular social sites. Other in-depth tutorials cover how to set up an optimized YouTube channel and how to put together high-traffic websites from the ground up. The course covers the entire process of launching a site or blog with WordPress, including hosting plans, plug-in installation, widget uploading and keyword use.

The Socialite Pro Celeb package has all of the material from the previous two course levels, plus access to video tutorials about how to set up the most profitable niche areas. Each video set covers all the details of both website design and social media campaign launching. Another topics include digital product creation and promotion, along with the Power Marketing Series for gaining advantages over competitors in the same niche area. This package finally covers how to enhance social media campaigns with material that will grab visitors’ attention.

Socialite Pro takes course participants through building a profitable stream of revenue through social media marketing tactics. Each of the three courses levels are designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. No prior technical experience is required to learn these techniques and apply these concepts. By purchasing a membership, each participant gets access to the bonus book, “Social Media Superstar: How to Use Social Media Sites to Build Your Brand and Gain Raving Fans.”

Other included bonuses with a Socialite Pro purchase are the ebooks “Facebook Strategies and Profits,” and “Twitter Marketing Success.” Several other bonus materials cover social sites Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, WordPress, Video marketing and website marketing. All of these ebooks are worth a bonus total of $2814, and they are included at no extra cost. New buyers can get started right away by visiting the Socialite Pro Social Media Training website. All of these bonuses are available immediately after each processed purchase.

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