source phoenix review

Source Phoenix Review – An Honest Perspective


Source Phoenix Review – An Honest Perspective

My Source Phoenix Review

Getting a considerable following online or offline is the toughest challenge any business or new venture faces. Being successful in a particular business is not just about creating a stellar product; it’s also getting the target market to take notice of it. And if just a top-notch offering was good enough to taste success, almost every company that launches an innovative and valuable product would become the next big thing.

There are several tools on the Internet and elsewhere that teaches or trains eager souls on how to garner consumer attention. Source Phoenix is a humble effort by its makers to help business people and entrepreneurs gain better traction.

Source Phoenix – What Is It

Source Phoenix is a software tool that helps users accelerate or derive more value out of their online marketing efforts. It’s a great weapon for individuals who have started their Internet business, but are stuck and are on the verge of calling it quits, for their months and years of inputs have returned zero results.

Staying abreast of and being aware of all the online marketing and advertising techniques is critical. However, finding the right sources and tools to gather and grind all the necessary information may not be easy, and is also quite time-consuming. Having a dedicated team of personnel carrying out the job would be the way out for most.

In short, Source Phoenix is an SEO-focused software suite.

The Brain Behind the System

A white-hat SEO advocate and practitioner, Alex Becker has always had keen interest to inspect and analyze every SEO system out there on offer. He likes to put them through their paces and analyze if they’re worth the money spent.

Alex is quite vocal about his SEO knowledge and experience gathered over the years. He has never hesitated to share valuable tips and suggestions with the Internet community. And, he’s also keen to take in feedback and SEO tool recommendations from his fans and followers. He believes there’s too much scope for learning in the world of online marketing and promotion, and regardless of one’s expertise levels in the world of SEO, there’s still a long way to go.

Alex Becker is one of the most successful Internet entrepreneurs and feeding off even a portion of his wisdom would certainly lead one onto the path of success. In fact, the plugins, training, and modules part of his SEO suite system focus more on the same.

Alex’s tool not just stresses upon the importance of outsourcing, but also lays equal emphasis on systems and automation – a deadly trifecta for making cash and multiplying earnings quickly.

Who is Source Phoenix for?

The system is not focusing on a niche market. It’s for every enthusiastic and keen Internet user – both amateurs and veterans – who want to dig into the Source Phoenix system and benefit from the strategies, knowledge, and techniques presented by the tool.

Are you a webmaster scouting for multiple techniques and strategies to increase your website’s search engine rankings? Or, are you a traditional business owner who wants to make use of the Internet’s prowess and profit out of the same?

Alex and his two partners make 300,000 dollars per month combined, and the Source Phoenix system’s contents throw light on how these individuals make a fortune every month.


Some of the major aspects covered in the software suite are;

  • Introduction to SEO
  • SEO working methodology
  • How to make money with Search engine optimization techniques
  • Picking a target market and building a site around the niche
  • Creating backlinks
  • Affiliate SEO and Foreign SEO
  • Choosing keywords and offers
  • Building web 2.0s and creating affiliate sites
  • Safe linking and anchor text
  • Client SEO
  • Helping clients increase their search engine rankings
  • Ways to acquire new clients – basic and advanced
  • Using social media for business
  • Quick cash methods, webinars, and much more

For a more detailed learning, a thorough read-through of the system is recommended.


There are four modules within the system:

a) Knowing the Ropes

This module stresses the need to build a good defensive strategy. Online business is all about patience and perseverance, which must be coupled with cautioned approach and proactive thinking.

Once a budding Internet entrepreneur learns these ropes and masters the art of trimming away the junk from the most pertinent aspects, getting gradual increases in traffic, rankings, and profits becomes customary.

b) Advanced Affiliate SEO

In this module, Dan Anderson – one of the beneficiaries of the $300k monthly earnings – highlights the various streams and ways to make passive residual income. He believes being aware of the methods and avenues would give individuals the competitive advantage they need to take their business to the next level.

c) Client Optimization

Attracting clients online is not very difficult if one knows the right tricks and strategies. Jake Tanner – the third coin to this Source Phoenix SEO game – explains the multiple ways and techniques for getting huge, high-paying SEO customers who can help ring the cash registers big time.

d) Fast Cash SEO Services

Making money is the ultimate goal of any individual who is testing out waters in the Internet world. Via the SEO nova plugin and the Source Phoenix training series, Alex Becker and his team members list out the ways to flip jaw-dropping revenues.

Alex Becker also explains how to reign supreme in the world of search engine rankings, efficiently and consistently.


Not all online or offline offerings offer value. Genuine and effective products are hard to come by, and Source Phoenix is one of those gems in a terrain replete with gravel and stones. Source Phoenix is basically the fruition of all the hardship and toil Alex Becker has put in over the years. As far as the users go, they’ll just have to mimic the techniques and reap gold like the makers of the system.

Alex is not hard-selling or trying to push his product down the consumer’s throat. He wants the end user to understand what he is buying into and for better clarity; Alex is also offering live, personal interactive sessions.


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