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Weblify – Drag And Drop SEO Silo Software For WordPress


Weblify Advanced SEO training and web secrets.

This one is the first product I will ever promote in the IM niche. The reason for it is very close to home for me – I’ll be the one doing the advanced SEO training so I couldn’t  possibly recommend it any higher.

So What is Weblify Advanced?

In short – Weblify is the “follow the instructions on the box” way to to rank your site number one on Google – Sometime over night!

The software it self is probably the best I have seen in the market today – it works flawlessly in creating perfectly optimised silo’s and includes everything from automatic content generation, to monetisation all built  into it.

The software seamlessly integrate with your Cpanel (no more messing around with WP installs and setting’s) and you can easily deploy, clone or edit your sites structure in the backend settings.

The thing that really sets this software apart from the competition is the ease of use, the speed and amount of time it saves you creating new sites and most the most impressive feature is the visual drag and drop element of the system. It really allows you to visually understand your sites structure and shows you exactly how the link juice will flow.

The end results are page one rankings with less effort, less effort because your sites link juice is flowing exactly the way it should amplifying your sites message and authority to Google – really showing Google exactly what your site si about… then all you need are a few high qaulity, perfect back-links to sky rocket past others on page one.

That’s when the advanced SEO training of weblify comes into play – and those of you that take the monthly one on one training will get a personal over the shoulder experience with your truly. I will show you exactly how to rank on page one (the same exact way you got to this page) and more importantly how to stay there.

The thing about SEO is that the old tactics are dead and now more than ever it is easier to rank on page one. There are so many people still using old tactics that are failing so the SEO market keeps getting easier and easier as long as your doing it right. I have sites ranked number one and have not built a back link to them in over 6 months. (I’m not going to reveal them here but if you sign up to my list I’ll show you exactly what sites are ranking, and the exact tactics, backlinks and on page elements used on them – so you can do the same.) These sites are sitting on page one position 1 with a handful of backlinks up against sites with hundred and sometimes thousands of backlinks – its really not about mass link building any more – it’s about precision and knowing what works.

I am no SEO genius, just lucky to have gotten in a stage that made it easy to allow me to continuously test every method know and  now I can show you exactly what is working today and exactly what steps you need to take.

I dont want to take any more of your valuable time here – please go to the actual main page to learn exactly how Weblify works, it’s very detailed and has some great tips you can put to work immediately.

Here’s a quick video the creator of the software made Ricky – its pretty in depth and shows exactly how the dashboard looks and works. Please watch.


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